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Peridot Products (Pvt) Limited, formerly known as Sara Lee Kiwi Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited has been in operation since 1958 in Pakistan.

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This most popular and well known product in shoe care category brand is available in 2 major variants (Black & Dark Tan) and 3 prominent SKUs (20ml, 45ml, 90ml), Kiwi shoe polishes are legendary and have a loyal market with them for decades now .With the high quality core ingredients, imported from Europe, US & Japan, KIWI Shoe Polishes are high in superior wax content and thus are considered best to protect leather to ensure long life of shoes. That is distinctive product feature which supports our tag line i.e. Shines, Nourishes & Protects.

KIWI is though mainly known for its shoe care, however it does provide high quality household products as well. All KIWI household products are manufactured with superior local and imported ingredients.

Glint over the period became famous brand in household segment. We do offer following core products under Glint brand umbrella.

Inseguard is an insecticide household brand which consists of a number of products which provide solution to get rid from 9 types of insects and flies. We do offer following complete range of insecticide and at competitive price-points.

Black Cat Talc is one of the most popular and preferred brands in the talcum powder category. It generates a pleasant and a day long fragrance. After the remarkable success of Black Cat Classic, we have launched 7 variants namely Elegant, Passion, Romance, Diamond, Vintage, Valentine and Bliss. Classic is available in 70 gm & 300 gm where as other variants are available in 70 gm only.

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