Black Cat
Black cat

Black Cat Talc is one of the most popular and preferred brands in the talcum powder category. It generates a pleasant and a day long fragrance. After the remarkable success of Black Cat Classic, we have launched 7 variants namely Elegant, Passion, Romance, Diamond, Vintage, Valentine and Bliss. Classic is available in 70 gm & 300 gm where as other variants are available in 70 gm only.

Black Cat Classic
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Black Cat Classic Talc Powder offers a refreshing experience with its unique and invigorating fragrance.

It not only makes you feel beautiful but also gives you DAY LONG FRESHNESS.

Black Cat Bliss
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The enchanting & alluring fragrance of Black Cat Bliss Talc Powder captivates you and enhances your beauty.

The floral scent lingers on your body which is truly irresistible.

Black Cat Diamond
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The Fragrance exudes a timeless elegance! Black Cat Diamond makes your beauty priceless and you stay fresh and charming every day.

Experience the luxury and sophistication that comes with every use, making every moment unforgettable.

Black Cat Passion
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The flawless & appealing fragrance of Black Cat Passion uplifts your senses.

The alluring blend of vibrant and sophisticated perfume talc gives your beauty purpose and passion for life.

Black Cat Romance
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There is no better way to evoke the feelings of passionate LOVE with Black Cat Romance.

The sensual & romantic fragrance tells everything to your loved one without saying much!

Black Cat Valentine
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Embrace the essence of romance with Black Cat Valentine Talcum Powder!

Delicately scented to evoke the spirit of love and passion, it's the perfect touch of sophistication for your daily pampering routine.

Black Cat Elegant
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The long-lasting fragrance of BLACK CAT ELEGANT makes you feel refreshed.

Experience the elegance and sophistication that comes with every use, making every moment memorable.

Black Cat Vintage
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The pure, fresh & elegant fragrance of Black Cat Vintage is perfect for you!

The floral & delicate scent makes you feel young and beautiful every day.

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